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Who Are We?

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Complete Dimensions Wellness Center is a provider of multidisciplinary general health care services based throughout Florida and serving all of the states.

Complete Dimensions Wellness Center offers a wide variety of basic healthcare programs, cultivating a personalized, conventional approach to treatment and preventive care. Serving children and older adults from 6 to 65 years of age, our focus is to provide cost-effective, quality treatment, all the while creating, promoting, and maintaining a positive customer relationship with our clients, hospitals, payors, associates, staff, and our community.

What Is Our Commitment?

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the well-being of the individuals and families in communities by providing accessible, quality integrative health and basic support for children, adolescents, adults, veterans, and their families, emphasizing trust, privacy, compassion, and respect in our services. We use a collaborative effort that comprises the consumers’ overall health strategies, an array of medical services, and connections with other healthcare specialists in rendering care. We operate with the philosophy that we exist for the needs of our patients.

What Is Our Long-Term Goal?

Our Vision

We envision Complete Dimensions Wellness Center to be the top-of-the-mind choice for the community’s general healthcare service needs.

Who Is Our Owner?

Meet Rashan Jones, MSN, PMHNP-BC

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Rashan Jones, MSN, PMHNP-BC is the founder of Complete Dimensions Wellness Center. A mental health agency turned integrative wellness center that’s geared to provide comprehensive outpatient treatment and therapy with a focus on multidisciplinary care. The CDBH is here to provide access to a layer of services to the community, promoting healthy living and overall wellness.

Rashan received her educational merit from the Florida Community College of Jacksonville, the University of Central Florida, and Maryville University. For her exceptional performance in academia, she is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

Before devoting her full-time work to Complete Dimensions Wellness Center, Rashan provided care as a psychiatric professional to the North Florida and Central Florida regions for 13 years. She worked with prominent facilities, such as Colonial Management, River Region Human Services, Florida Hospital, Orlando VA, and University Behavioral Center.

Moreover, she actively participates in her community by volunteering at Images of Glory and Grace Medical Home. She also participates in the annual NAMI walk in Orlando, FL. She is engaged in her community through various other business organizations, such as the African American Chamber of Commerce and the National Small Business Association. Rashan is compassionate about her work and the community that she serves. She currently engages the community through a social media platform called Xposure, which is focused on the effects and issues of minority mental health. The platform provides resources, education, awareness, and dialogue on minority mental health in communities.

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