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Offering a range of treatments to get yourself and your life back on track.

Are you feeling an overwhelmed feeling of helplessness or sadness that won’t go away? Or have you been drinking too much? How about feeling as if your problems will never go away?

Psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’ may be right for you. About 75% of patients who undergo this therapy show relief or some benefit from it. This practice utilizes talking and focuses on interpersonal relationships instead of, but is often used in, combination with medications as an approach to treatment.

Here’s what you can expect with this kind of treatment:

  • Your session may last for only a few sessions to ones lasting for months, even years.
  • Your session will follow a carefully planned and structured process.
  • The techniques and approaches in your treatment can range from pure talking.

As with most mental healthcare treatments, you must be honest and committed to attending and completing the sessions. This is the only way to go about it.

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